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  1. Sound like fun, sure to be there !
  2. 4. sleazefunk (softail) will try to come, update the location
  3. sleazefunk

    SleazeFunk Rides

    Many of my many years of riding and memorable pictures snaps by bros, friends and people that had tag me on FB.
  4. LTA is everywhere isnt it. There are not specially targetting the HD Bikers only but also all other makes. Best is ride hard, count your blessings and pray for your luck not for them to see you , but for us to see them so that we can ride and hide. Stay safe cruisers and bikers of Singapore Bikes.
  5. Any new happenings lately anyone. http://funkchoppers.blogspot.com
  6. Agree with you my friend. Ah hock has done good job on my bike and i would strongly recommend him.
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