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  1. hi bro sorry for the late reply, yup i do have r6 05 race fairing..

    $720 fullset include tank cover.. ctc me if u wanna order..


  2. Hi bro, I had stock tail fairring for r6 05 model, contact me at 90053439 for the pic and price if u r intrested:)

  3. Hi bro, i will be free today after 530pm... Where u stay? I can bring the bike over to your location...

  4. Hi Bro, I want to ask u about CBR400.. I am looking for a CBR400, but wanna know some tips in looking out for the bike condition.. If worst case senario engine needs overhaul, how much will it cost? Any shops to recommend?

  5. hi guys, if change to spec 3 tail board and alien headlight can pass inspection or have to do at shop?
  6. good info, will look out for these during viewings... thanks!
  7. anyone riding the super chio black cbr400 parked at 6th ave this evening? moulded tail and head fairing to look like gsxr, gpr pipe and bone painted matte black? best looking cbr400 ive ever seen, good job with the modded fairing....
  8. Anyway to check the radiator and coolant hoses visually or are these problems only discovered when go workshop? Hate getting bad surprise phone calls from my mechanic when he's servicing my bike.,, for the brake calipers also need to check make sure all are brembo and not brembo/nissin mix right? For cosmetic mods like alien/led headlamp and spec 3 sharp tail won't pass inspection? Thanks for the info!
  9. hi guys thinking of getting a S4 version S for commuting and also my job requires me to meet clients... is it true that ver s has bette rFC than spec 1 due to lack of vtec? any major problems i should look out for when viewing S4? since its an old bike i feel need to check coolant hose, fuel lines, radiator and wiring problems...
  10. Bike production is taking orders for the new cbr250 in case anyone is interested...
  11. hi guys, was going past mah motors today and saw the new cbr on display! didnt manage to go down and have a closer look cos my gf was with me.... anyone know if its the 150 or 250? has singapore officially brought it in and does anyone know the price??
  12. fierce paintwork= +2 bhp loud pipe= +2 bhp sexy pillion = +3 bhp these orb effects do stack...
  13. sorry to hear that bro, my mother always says she (and my sis) wont be able to forgive themselves if i ever met into an accident.... agreed, i totally sympathize with my family's objection to riding because it is dangerous.... while they may understand owning a motorbike is a cheaper and more fuel efficient transport, i think they will never appreciate the joy riding brings to us... my story has kept me frustrated for the past 1 month or so... recently changed job and i will need to meet clients at their offices in pretty ulu places in jurong and changi... currently have my 2A
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