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  1. bro may i know how can i view and deal on ur guitar?


    pls contact me at 93694069



  2. bro do u still have arai helmet for sale?

  3. Agree . My top is also 110-120km/h. Tried 130km/h once. Bike vibrate like f***. lol. My weight is 58kg so yeah prolly that explains why. This bike is very comfortable with 80km/h - 100km/h speed. Further than that, might cause some stress in the engine. IMO. Well i still wnt go further than 100km/h, cause im using racing footrest. Vibrate so much that i place my leg on top of the engine casing area. Btw at jb, which shop to recommend? I've tried ahboy but i prefer somewhere else. Might get cheaper price..
  4. Mine vibration cannot tahan liao! and also the racing footrest cheap2 one. anytime can break . lol!!! any one with standard foortrest ?
  5. Anyone with stock footrest rider and pillion to let go ??? Urgently needed )))
  6. Those seat cowl can be done in jb. If you have any spare pillion seats, ask shop which do moulding to mould it
  7. i've been riding kr for 3 years. Well there is still other old timers out there. Its not easy to understand your machine. It takes time and understanding. How much you willing to learn. Till now im still learning and happy to say i can say i know this machine well. Pity i didnt know how to repair my bike. Haha. Still this bike is nice to ride. Ride safe. I've fall close to 10 times. Lucky non is serious. Its e learning process which makes you understand more about the bike. Yes kr can go 180km/h easily . Stock or modd. Matter of how fast you reach them . After all once you reach 180km/h, you
  8. Well. 110/70 battlax bt39 is fine. Corner till u scrap footrest. Bad luck scrap ur body. Haha joking. If you're not convinced , try bt090 110/70. But slightly expensive. About fishtailing, try not to press on ur rear brake to hard. Brake before corner not when cornering. Cornering keep your hands on the trottle and increased speed gradually. Dont overconfident. Slow in fast out. If you happen to skid your rear tire, try look out for your suspension. Too soft or too hard might affect your cornering. Your fork play a part too. Make sure in good condition. Top up fork oil. If you wanna down fork,
  9. Guys. Im planning to get an X1 for a transport bike cum spare bike to work and home everyday as im planning to get a class 2 bike. well wanna ask, is the engine okey? maintanence? and durability ?And what do you guys look out for when buying a X1 ? I believe its quite cheap for a cup. Tempted to get one..
  10. Go shop. Check your exhaust header gasket . Located below your bike. Its towards the end. Sometime gasket worn out. Not thighten properly thus enable air to come in and also unwanted smoke from under tank. Cost below $20. Cause 2stroke bike vibration strong . These minor2 thing might come loose after sometime. Or your stomach itself got small holes. Yeah. From what i know regarding you problem
  11. Ah boy sell standard end can 40bucks. No need carbonise. All new n shine
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