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  1. Hey, don't ask people to msg you when you can't even reply. Use your brain before sending msg.

  2. hey bro. intrested in clutch plates. msg me 93853105.thx

  3. Bro whr to deal d lock? Msg me pls 91811231, man

  4. Trip still on? What's the amount like for this trip? Need to apply leave.
  5. Anybody wish to meet up and go to GP Esso together? As this is the 1st time i'm using the 2nd link, anyone?
  6. Date : 10 July 2011 (Sun) Time to meet : TBA Place to meet : GP Esso Bike Class: 2A and up Traveling Speed: 120km/hr One-Way Distance : 360km Halal Food : Durian Halal Price Per Pax : TBA 1. Gr8White (ETV1K) 2. Replay (XR4) 3. element FZ1 4. element friend 1 CBR600 5. element friend 2 S4 6. element friend 3 GSXR750 7. ckchin 8. Chris 525 (FZ6) 9. B_E_N (S4) 10. Stn 33 Heng (SW400) 11. Bpotr & Kuniang (DR650) 12. wne12R (Fz6S2) 13. zewei (fz6) 14. zewei friend (gs1150) 15. Choon seng+ pillion ( bubusasa) 16. Dajiro (CBR600RR) 17. Alan_See
  7. Wondering if anyone wants to go for 1 day trip on 10th July? Pm me if anyone is interested.
  8. hello bro!do u got the seat cowl for the 2011 model zx-10 ?thks!

  9. Hi bro, I'm interested in the Betong trip. Check with you is it open for all bike class?Where can i find more details about the trip?

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