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  1. haha thanks bro but slowest rider
  2. -admin pls delete, sorry for double post-
  3. Maybe letting go my beloved Yamaha MT-09 night fluo if the price is right. If not I'm jus gona keep using. This is the 2016 ABS & Traction control model 11k mileage Reg: Aug 2016 Condition: 8/10 Bike is always parked under shelter as much as possible. Low slided once at low speed but bike was fully protected by slider, handguard & engine case. Small scratch on tank caused by handguard. Fuel consumption range from 17-21km/l Accessories worth more than 4k! >>>NOT DEKITTING Hepco crashbars Puig touring windscreen Kobra handguards (left side damaged by usa
  4. Orite Bro, thanks for ur advise. i do have a class 2 and now looking forwards to get this bike. But the rear tyre seem do not have any mud-guard to prevent water splashing out during rainny days.

    Anyway nice to know you and glad to get more tips from you guys.

  5. take a look in the nc700 thread and ask your questions there, everyone will be glad to help... if you wish to get a new bike and you've got a class 2 i'd say go for the NC7... the price is not much of a diff but you get better economy out of it. ABS or not is up to individual but having ABS is really a peace of mind =)

  6. Hi Bro, i'm now looking for a SuperFour revo but was told by some friends that the bike always have some problems. i did saw NC700X at Looi's motor and after reading some of your review, l feel like buying. i don't really need a powerful bike but just better bike than SuperFour revo. please give some necessary advise on what to get if i bought the NC700X. Is the bike needs ABS or without ABS cause you'll need to pay Xtras $1,000 plus?



  7. kmjoe

    Harley Riders gather

    where can i find one that can fit properly?
  8. kmjoe

    Harley Riders gather

    hi guys, would like to check with u all, isit possible to make a silencer for 49 state pipe? coz mine didnt came with silencers and doesnt wish to attract too much attention
  9. kmjoe

    Harley Riders gather

    does anyone have a wide glide for sale? hard to find one
  10. +1 2L is too much... at most i go only 1.2L
  11. longer cables will be required if u r using wide handlebars... IMO taller riders would suit the straight or wide handlebar better than with the stock ones... u can find those at ah boy/regina or the shops beside
  12. i would prefer to buy from owner than from shop... coz heard too many stories of ppl having problem with their phantom which are bought from shops... the good thing buying from owners is that u r able to test the machine, bring an experienced rider with ya to view bikes. The "paperworks" are only insurance and transfer of ownership + road tax, not hard at all...
  13. 2 screws?? there is only one below the signal light... there is a groove inside, so try to tilt it out
  14. if it falls on my off day in weekday i might come =x
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