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  1. Ya, do let me know.. but this 2 weeks i maybe busy.. so may have to play by ear.. Text me since may not read forum daily...
  2. Hi, do you intend to sell your Triumph Street Triple R (as in your pic)? If yes, I am interested to know the usual bikes details and your asking price. You can contact me @ 93687390 (Justin).

  3. i have her contact.. can sms her when a ride is firmed.
  4. We have a female RAT also wot.. ask baby rider to come out lah.. the last meetup she last minute pull out, maybe this time she will be free??
  5. I used to ride a duc and some of my riding kakis now are all riding ducs. In fact i had a ride with 2 female duc rider last nite.. Althought the triumph motto is go your own way, but seriously.... >
  6. BTW, I am seeing a Red Monster 400 with head cowl, park at my place carpark for a few times. FP plate at Bedok reservoir.. seems to belong to someone here cos i thought i seen the bike in one of the meetup before.. but this shld be a new owner...
  7. u came in ask a question then u also disappear... lol
  8. it can go higher then that.. make sure u are not at 4th but 5th gear..
  9. 210??!! wow.... I went up to 150 and the wind was already too much for me to handle.. your balls must be made of titanium...
  10. here got many many ppl that knows a ton more then me.. go join the meetup and ride session...
  11. When do valve clearance clean the carbs..
  12. i only did 2k+ mileage nia.. doing it now isnt wasting money? valve clearance shld be done every 10k or so.. but of cos im no more the owner.. only giving my 2 c worth
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