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  1. this web like dead town alr. lol
  2. Ups for you bro. I've not been very active in this forum liao. Hahahaha. Sent from my CPH1707 using Tapatalk
  3. i think i saw this in the earlier posts if im not wrong. hahaha. they wanna carrot you. but they got outbrained.
  4. good to hear you found a good mech.
  5. Not only you. they just wanna earn money. actually if you start reading from the 1st page, you really can learn alot. wait4me, is one of the pioneers I've seen in this whole thread. He can be nice but also can be very guai lan. depend on how you talk to him. hehe. although i have not seen him before. BUT i think, he stay EW5 mrt station nearby (IF im not wrong lah). hahaha.
  6. Their stuff, they say is original or imitation they will be upfront with you. LJ lah. original is also imitation one. thats why i dun bother going in alr. hahahaha.
  7. @wait4me. first time went in to change steering cone and chain at Kok Seng or Kok Pin (if im not wrong, the one nearest to the malay food stall), left the bike there cos too many ppl waiting for their turn. so went to makan with frens first. came back, the mech say it is done. that was about 3.30am. then went off alr, then realised that, it is still like the previous feeling, which is like kinda loose. so went back again the next day, the mech say it was changed. But before going back, one of my frens' tested and say it was worse than the previous parts. went back there and asked the mech, the
  8. stick with those old bikes if you really want. if scare of the wear and tearm etc, then get new bikes lor. no choice.
  9. just dun get imitation parts in jb. just my 2 cents. actually i only did my bike twice in JB. ever since that, i dun do anything in JB, for my bike.
  10. its gonna be extinct soon. thats why i kept mine as stock.
  11. Well, it depends on which model you are looking at. if it is a pgm 3, its a wet clutch, BUT, you can change it to a dry clutch as well.
  12. The cb400x loses hands down to the S4 specs (any versions). and I mean LITERALLY. so might as well get a S4 spec.
  13. You are right! too bad that its too expensive now. if not, i would have bought it again. hehe.
  14. Hard on you bro. got scammed like that. But well, next time you noe, not to buy such things from LAB. haha.
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