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  1. Btw how much is the 4T oil? Where do your guys usually do serving?
  2. can try to apply a very tick layer of 4T / 2T oil and remove the tools box. If sound still going on. go bike shop
  3. Pls keep us update thanks Btw self install?
  4. New bike are not supposed to have major problem. Maybe u should pay a visit to bike shop. Bear ikimono to choose a more trustworthy shop. I had a bad experience in universal motor. They told me to overhaul engine and change chain n socket. But I did not take their words. I went back to the shop I used to do maintenance. They just ask me try lub my chain will do. After that is fine till now.
  5. Jiawei, Its time for you to lab your chain with anything u have. I had this experience. Hope it help you to reduce the cracking sound
  6. I hear from hong Leong that auto cycle was their dealer. So suppose to be cheaper. But I don have the chance to quote firing from hong Leong
  7. Hey, I'm interested to your firing. Can I have more detail ?
  8. Ranger, may I know how much do u paid for your end can?
  9. My head firing cracked. Though still usable. I should take a pic and attached here..
  10. Ic, How much is the price for the head and side firing infront? The only option is to keep calling them to ask abou the stocks?
  11. Yes, this is the price from auto cycle in serangoon
  12. Thanks.. Pls keep me update by my mobile number at 86115117 just in case I am not online.
  13. Head firing 69 Side firing 75 Doesn't include workmanship. Btw side firing will be easily install but not the head firing
  14. I just called ah boy which don have stock at the moment. Wing yap unreachalbe
  15. I just drop hong leong a call and enquire about the price of firing. There's is no stock for the head firing as well as side firing. (red color) Do yours guys know where else beside hoong leong and auto cycle?
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