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  1. OFFER A REALISTIC & REASONABLE PRICE. For photos, please refer to the link below from Carousell or just contact 84823444! https://sg.carousell.com/p/kawasaki-h2-supercharged-99501039/?ref=category&ref_rank=0&ref_referrer=%2Fcategories%2Fmotorbikes-108%2F&ref_collectionId=108 Here's your chance to own an exotic 1000cc supercharged beast! Bike always parked in air-con showroom of HL Cycle. Customers of HL Cycle can vouch for this. Less than 15 in SG. No 2016/2017 H2 model in SG. (verified via Kawasaki agent & parallel importers) '16 model comes with silv
  2. Bro. How Come Ure Selling Them Cheap??


    Are They Original?? The Warranty Valid In Singapore??


    Then If Im Interested How Do I Get Them??

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