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  1. Hi. Any idea anyone tried before adding extra secure to the action camera if were to mount onto the helmet? I'm wondering will the 3M tape be sufficient enough to prevent the camera from flying off when riding at high speed?
  2. hi everyone, i just passed my class 2a license today and in my choice i would like to have a cbr400 for my new ride. i'm wondering is it possible for your experienced cbr400 rider to guide me when getting a 2nd hand cbr400? or is it possible your can come down together with me to view bike? i would love to learn from all your experienced riders. thanks.
  3. u can go dwn planet motorworld located at ubi industrial park, and u can look for de boss named ah chong, he will help you rectify ur valve using some spanner turn here turn there, den aft tt shud be orite le, but de jam will sometime come back again. that wad i encounter, but aft i did my full svr which include washing de valve, de jam so far i nv encounter oreadi. for the washing of valve is chargable, ting if i not wrong is arrd $35. if u intend to do full svr, den it will oso cover washing of valve, but price is slightly higher, ting ard $80++... den as for using spanner turn here turn there that method, it foc. hope it help. :)

  4. Bro sorry to bother u, just wonDering , i think my valved jam coz the fastest i could run my krr is 110 -120 wif rev until only 6-7 only, usually how much yhey charge for valve jam and also full service? Where do u recommend to service krr? I need advice, plz help me, thanks bro

  5. Good good, can see that you are checking all the sites.. lolx.. use the search function, change search entire post to titles only..


    this will speed up your search... :)

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