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  1. PML model 2016 Sept 28 k mileage Full servicing records at pml Akra pipes Guards, box, GPS, etc Never drop or crash Always shelter parking. Selling at 36k only Cash only or ur own loan. Bike is Fully paid. WA me 9four2442o9
  2. PML 2016 model. Sept. Mileage 28k Full service records at Pml With akra pipes. Spoke rims Accessories, GPS, box, guards, etc Letting go at 36k. Interested wa me 9four2442O9
  3. Duke for sale. See my signature....
  4. saw a red monster coming out from SinMing to marymount road a few days ago.. Anyone here? I am the guy on the red duke...
  5. It was quiet because your pipes are too loud!!! hahaa I chase this chap down for about 100m horning him as I go but he still didnt stop... almost lost him when he squeeze between a bus and the kurb.. After 2 weeks of bad weather, I finally have a chance to ride out (after I finished the assigned housework...) and damn it was good..... Really enjoyed every minute of it. Nice meeting you on the road. Seeing and hearing your monster for the first time. 1 word..... AWESOME! Ride safe everyone. Better have a raincoat handy.
  6. palm facing in is NOT a good idea... in UK, that hand sign means 'up yours' short for 'up your arse'
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/Tamiya-14103-1-12-Dantin-Pramac-Ducati-GP4-Motorbike_W0QQitemZ260212451037QQihZ016QQcategoryZ2591QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Hi guys, I am trying to find out more information on this particular bike's history but every link I found seems to point to the Tamiya model... Anyone knows where to find more info? I couldnt seem to find any real pictures of the bike in action that carries the same decal design... Dantin-Pramac Ducati GP4 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v239/joelwideqvist/rolfo%20ducati/right.jpg
  8. I thought you have witness? Get them to make statements also.
  9. huh? those pics are from the railway??? I was at the Railway station for about 5 mins when I had to leave for something else... All I saw was a Yellow monster who came in and then left... almost immediately.. fweddy, pm me if you want to meet up. it'll be nice to see my ex steed again...i also need more excuse to ride my bike... haha
  10. woah.. then it must have change hands several times... i remember showing the bike to a young guy who eventually did all the paper work with my old man. (bike in his name) anyway it was nice to see the bike still running well and nicely done up. I have nice memories with this bike...
  11. Hey fweddy, that steed used to me mine!!! ahhaa I wonder if your friend is the one who bought it from me... I see he did a good job on the rear rim... so shiny!!!
  12. I see.. be careful. later you ride too fast the stickers will fly away... like the andy lau movie...
  13. Well.. I found a cheaper option... Full set of racing replica decals for about 10% of the cost of the fairings... Maybe this is more economical... dont know about the application difficulty tho... Corse, did you clear coat your stickers after applying them on?
  14. Complete set of fairings with lots of stickers from ebay including shipping is only about $1150.. But I dont think they are Ducati Orginals.... Sure look very fierce if put on bike... but I not fierce rider so I very hesitant to buy it.. ahhaa
  15. this is so true.. blackreplica lives 5 mins from my house and the only time i see him was when i was driving.... hahaa
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