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  1. Hi all, can i check sw600 per litre can travel roughly how many km? Any difference between fjs400 and 600 other than capacity? Thanks
  2. Comes with 2 original hiss key Euro model petrol consumption is slightly better compared to JDM 55L under seat storage Coe till mid January 2027 Mileage 60k+ considered very low for a 10 years bike External condition not fantastic Internal condition is good Road tax just renewed Full servicing done on around March worth $390 and nv ride much after that. With receipt. Original Belt Original Roller Original Uclip Motul Engine oil Motul Gear oil Normal Plug Original Oil filter Oil seal Selling for $8888 for more than 9 years with very low mileage bike. Looking to trade for pcx , sniper or maybe some other bike as i seldom ride now.
  3. Very good condition Seldom used. Black colour with gold smart case No box and charger as I misplace it when shifting house Selling at $200
  4. Condition 6/10 Size L Not for fussy buyer
  5. As above Condition 6/10 Matt black 59.60cm Fits M to L size Not for fussy buyer Selling at $200 Refer to here for pictures https://carousell.com/p/88701911
  6. Hi, SW9000 thank you very much for your input. I belive ac motor shld be around that price right?
  7. Hi All, what is the price range for full servicing for replacing roller, belt and clip? Anything that I miss out? First time doing servicing for scooter. Mileage close to 60k. Thanks in advance.
  8. Silverwing fjs 400 mid January 2007 Gray Mileage think shld be around 60k (need to double check again) Exterior condition 7/10 (previously owner drop the bike before) Good internal condition with low mileage Selling at 3k Contact me at 92233744
  9. Had it on my super 4 previously. I still see cat fur on it but I don't think the cat will be able to scratch the seat.
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