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  1. Hi adesmond2, Thank you for your kind advise just sharing with you, my uncle once told me (15 years ago when I just gotten my bike) people say you are not a biker if you never taste the tar (road) before. Back then it doesn't make sense to me. after many years of riding, some small accident (skidded and tasted tar, bang SG car behind in JB and tasted tar, Malaysia bike bang me in SG then tasted tar, I bang SG police car behind and tasted tar, funny stationary fall because jeans caught at footrest) and the recent major one I had. I believed his words LOL. Yes, you have to ride like
  2. WA'alaikumSalam MR BIKER, The accident took place in KPE, I lost control hit the side walls (concrete slab) at a speed and everything went very fast and blur. Alhamdullillah with family and friends prayers and words of encouragement we (me and wife) recovered well, though there are abit of side effects like scars etc. yes. I just got a maxi scooter and its very fun! didn't know scooter can be that much fun! yeah, now bike mainly for work, marketing, visiting inlaws, parents, JB pump Yes always say my prayers before every ride.. big bike is not a threat for me..been there done that
  3. Yes brother, im loving my ride definitely. Honestly its still playing at the back of my head although its already 9 months ago (the accident). I cherish every moment on the road now and I thank god that me and my wife life was spared. I wanted to give up riding honestly but... its in the blood, dad rides, me rides 15yrs already. Only now SPEEDING is no longer in my vocabulary. Thank you for reading my story and your reply.
  4. Which team do you think will be Champions? Which team do you support and why?
  5. Had quite a bad accident May 2018, scrapped the bike. I suffered broken bones fractured hands and scrapped almost whole left side of lower and upper body... BMW for 8months.. while slow recovery. When have to return to work after 2 months Hospital Leave. Realized how convenient it is to have a bike, than to BMW or even Grab or Go-Jek. The cost is actually more thank you think. Transport fees always rising.. and always no seats on train. Legs start to become pain from all the walking and standing. die die wana buy bike, got a new bike although from 1000cc downgrade to 300cc Scooter but I am lo
  6. Holla its Jan 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!! How time flies..... To think back we have been here since 2008 or even earlier.
  7. Ups for the day. Deal today $30. Offer only on 26 Oct 2017.
  8. Hi I am selling a GIVI Baseplate model M5M. New unused. includes all bolts/nuts/caps. Selling for $39. Reason for selling, bought wrong model. Deal at Central or East Side. Do PM me if you are keen, thanks!.
  9. they exclude Carparks near sports facilities like stadium etc. Because got barrier and charges per entry etc. And talking about the CSP. If there are 2 lanes entering, Season and Non season. For bikes, we can go thru the season lanes. It does open. Last time kuku que under non season together with all jammed up cars. Tried to go season lane and it opens. Example are Golden mile food ctr and Geylang Serai MSCP.
  10. Hola.. if u see this.. seem like many yrs had passed...
  11. yes. the awkward feeling. In other words. A doppelganger spotted.
  12. I used to work in a building that allows free parking in the gated compound and no ERP (non CBD area). but now work in CBD (building just few Meters after ERP gantry) other than further (petrol cost increase) daily ERP cost $1.50 (2 ERP gantry). But very lucky there is a lot open space and HDB gantry parking around. Lot is not a problem. With the HDB concession parking, park everywhere free. Can avoid ERP if go in earlier before 7.30am I think or something.. Every time at traffic light seeing people packed into bus like sardines, thank god I ride. Of course raining season is whole l
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