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  1. Hi,

    I got 2nd rainbow exhaust cover for spark.. C u still wanna to buy?

  2. lets say this bike registration is year 1990 then year 2000 renew 10 years year 2010 renew again for 10 years can?
  3. this. stupid idiots who don't know how to check before changing lane. and idiots who don't know how to turn into their lane. for example lane 1 and 2 is for right turn. before the turn is even finished that bugger on lane 1 change to lane 2 without checking i wonder how these idiots dare to change lane or swerve without checking at all man..
  4. eh if u change ur pipe to an aftermarket pipe, u must tune ur carb? how much does tuning generally cost? and how do you know if the tuning done the mechanic is proper/correct?
  5. eh u guys know of any good blue-tooth for mobile? im buying for my dad.. and i totally got no idea when it comes to bluetooth lol
  6. @Iamacow after you pass your license you will know what kind of bikes you want to get
  7. im feeling the monday blues already:dot:
  8. @Metal_Heart im lookng at s4 version s. but they are generally quite old already. i am preparing for the worst how to tell the difference between version s, PB1 and version R?
  9. the only tip i got for you is just enjoy the lesson, its so much better and fun to ride on the road but just be more careful can already
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