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  1. maybe got removed by mods?? perhaps.. though it sounded like a good deal. 70 bucks for 6 hrs riding around dun squeeze too much later tio clamp like me =/ REDs i like RED!!! i sprayed lotsa plastics casing and metals parts on my zee, red
  2. where did the post disappear to?! or was i seeing thingss?.?
  3. petrol ownself top up? if 9th 10th 16th work can? lol friday confirm got sch :/
  4. NYP bikers siol. i rmb seeing some bikes with the NYP logo on their headlights haha. maybe that is it. but dun see them around anymore.
  5. its possible that they are doing both ends just that they finished one first and closed it up while preparing to close the other end before opening up the new gate ?
  6. i saw u two on top leh, want to join in cannot. got one phantom took the last spot. =/ gg la ialso want to nsl liao BigMelons/13F/geylang
  7. hi can help close my thread? i been receiving sms non stop even i stated the bike been sold after a mth liao.




    thanks a lot

  8. Asking for OTR price for DRZ 400 SM 09 model

    -inclusive of COE,GST,Insurance(2nd/3rd party)


    Age: 19. 20 this year

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