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  1. Bro, are u ordering t6 rotella shell via amazon? Can i tag along with ur order? I wanna buy 3 gallons (3 x 1 gallon)of it.


    Willing to fetch the item once it reach ur residence. Can pay u by cod or transfer via ibanking..


    Pls do whatsapp me at dis number 8564 5436- mondokz

  2. Bro, BF stainless steel or titanium or carbon fibre?

  3. Bro, box sold? E 52.. How much bro ahroy?

  4. Is d yamaha 09 r1 sold bro? And hw much u asking it for? Sorry, juz asking

  5. Beemer bro, i guess ur driving a 3 series BMW- juz guessin.

    If u intent to sell of ur cbr again- im interested.

    Pls gif me a buzz eight 5 four 7, 6 four 5 eight.


    BMW - huat ar..

  6. alamak bro, have not save ur number, now tryin to find it in my inbox>to no avail..

    im sorry can i request ur num once again bro kuldip..



    Mondokz 8547 6458

  7. hi,


    My number is 93261183



  8. Hi Kuldip33,

    I am mondokz... Riding a bike similar to yours..

    Do PM me your contact number bro..



    Mondokz 85476458

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