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  1. trublue: itz ok bro

    Danieal:tanx bro,itz juz normal..

  2. Sorry lah, earlier on tadi i was using my hdph to reply you but the connection got jammed up, so now i turned on my PC.

  3. Sorry lah, earlier on tadi i was using my hdph to reply you but the connection got jammed up, so now i turned on my PC.

  4. Then, there's nothing wrong with your piston ring i shall say... Cheers
  5. Piston won't worn off that fast Bro. Furthermore, your bike is relatively new. If your fren is referring to piston ring, it's not possible too. Because if it is a piston ring problem, you will experience spark plug fouling which soiled with oil due to the 'leakage' which sip through your piston due to worn off ring and also inconsistent compression due to poor spark. By the way, issit a tink tink sound or pinging sound or knocking sound? If pinging or knocking sound, try to switch to a better octane petrol. But 95 octane is good enough. Cheers
  6. 3bs exhaust still available. Anyone wanna change or swop with my TZM throttle housing? I'm looking for stock throttle. Cheers
  7. Depends on how you set your 2T eg more or less adjustment. More - Minimal risk of piston seize but smoky. Usage about a week. Less - Less smoke but high chance for piston seize should you often whack your bike. Maybe a week plus or so. Usually mine last for 1 month. Coz i seldom ride hehe. Maybe you can ask the rest.
  8. Hi,was reading up on yoshimura website regarding itz newest eec approved exhausts for hayabusa 08-10..

    I wonder if you would bring this in..



  9. Hey,i tink boutthe number u pm me here.. My hp kene cut off,neva pay..haha!

  10. Think i saw ur bike in imesh account recently.. The pix when u went to gunung ledang wit an r1,kawa & a cb 400.. If itz u la of coz.. Nice bike n cute couple btw.. Cheers! C ya around..

  11. what a nice bike u have..........

  12. bro,how much for hayabusa 2009 front and back? the braking floating disc..

  13. Bro,sori 4 the late payment,in kL now to attend funeral of my aunt,wil transfer to u asap once i get back latest by tis sat..

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