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  1. Yeah... the list for friday cohesion. anyway the venue and time is just a suggestion. It can change to suit with the majority decision. Cheers...
  2. Bro KING, I'm upz for this Friday cohesion... Perhaps we can organize another Malaysia ride again... All BB new comers kindly update your nick and contacts too... All are welcome irregardless of Model of bikes its more meant to be a bikers cohesion... East Coast Carls Junior at 7.30pm - 8pm... Kindly update your attendance... Attendance List: 1) KING32 2) Jimmy (98474791) 3)
  3. Seems like now this Club BB is more like a BB service inquiry center... did we miss out like outing and cohesion session? Really missed those BB pioneers... Those were the days in EVAN RD....
  4. Bro jellyfish.... I'm back for good... not any more AWOL case... hihihihi:) thanks for the warm welcome bro...
  5. Should to arrange a meet up and some riding guys and gals....
  6. Seems like really quite awhile after our last ride out... When will the flock ready for the next ride out? Locally or Malaysia also can...
  7. Thanks zesture for the help fixing up my pannier this evening... owe you one ya...
  8. bro are u back in singapore already??? wish to view ur akra lei thanks sms me 93899941 thanks

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