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  1. those blue SONATAS taxis that we took also have the steptronic mah.
  2. Fully agree. When one needs money for emergencies, they can sell the house or car to get some spare cash. But if they take loans, they can't. Some can't even pay off the interests if they decide to sell off their cars after 1 or 2 years ownership. Ended up in debts. Haha, we singaporeans are getting more and more poorer liao..so many loans.
  3. There are too many other cost besides car sale price. Bro, with 10k u are not ready for car ownership yet. Cos you need to ask yourself how long did you take to save up this 10k?
  4. bro, if given the below list 1.5~1.6, take the Latio(premium model). Good head room, good power to weight ratio, and nice interiors. Good leather too and keyless entry.
  5. agree that the mazda 3 is pretty slow in terms of pick up for a 1.6 due to the poor power/weight ratio, and mazda uses bigger size stock rims. Thus FC will suffer. This car is built more for comfort, drive one and u can feel the conti-feel. The car is built for a 2.0L and 2.3L model. Btw, im driving a 2.0L mazda 3 and sure its no slow turtle, and although im quite heavy footed, im getting 10~11km/L.
  6. wow bro, finally decide to drive liao liao har
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