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  1. well you do get a token sum...you just need to take photo of your bike and watsapp him pictures of your bike and let him get back to you how much he quote you...and if you are ok...then he would pick up the bike depending when he is free...I jus put the key in the ignition since i took out the battery. He would process the bill of loading and permit to export your bike which would take a few days and you just need to print this out which can be around 15 to 16 pages after he watsapp you the pdf. Then go to LTA where they have all the forms pertaining to exporting then inform him then lat
  2. you can get from ebay...i dont ride a rebel 500 but usually you can search for those with adjustable...foldable...and length adjustable...i ever bought from ebay 2wheels and they will last...even though its from hong kong and have free or minimal postage...also saw that your bike lever is compatible with cb750 all years so i put in the last line...dont forget to specify what colour u want the end ,adjustor and lever .... these are a few from ebay https://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Adjustable-Brake-Clutch-Levers-For-HONDA-CMX300-500-REBEL-VT-1300CX-VT-1300CR/232578946244?hash=item3626c914c4:g:Z2AA
  3. hi sir....so have you bought this vulcan s?it looks good...with a NINJA 2012 650 engine ....i saw on speedzone webpage they are selling this $16500 machine price excluding COE AND tAXES.IU
  4. try aloride....im currently renting a s4 version s from them for 550 a mth with 200 deposit..... smaller bikes i tink they have a few models.....u can google their website.....their repair shop is HkL.........you can go into jb for fill ups... i also tried stark holdings....rented a hayabusa for a few days......but their bikes more limited and extremely popular so ul have to go their website to see what is available for that day...but they have a bigger range of class 2 and class 2a bikes.....you can also go into jb for fill ups... there r others but i tink some dont allow u to enter jb
  5. glad you jump on the glove wearing community...ride safe....yup it will take some time for the glove to break in especially if its leather and not pre curved...
  6. u mean the fella not passing ur inspection because of your pipe or your tyres?seriously?....never heard failed inspection coz of tyres ley if he failed u coz u failed ur tyre sizes.....so jus drop by any of the jb motorbike shops...further north....how abt u jus invert ur front tyre to ur rear tyre....den change ur front to a 70/80 ..i have yet to go to this pinto tyre's on facebook...they offer very competitive tyres prices....u can try the metzeler street sport......good in wet and pretty affordable...
  7. anyways if u do get 12 points...ul have 0 points which means u still can ride on man....be clean a further 12 mths and the points will be cleared from ur record... on the other hand...that camera flash is for vehicles beating the red light and going straight so since ur turning right n its green for turning right...so ur most likely very safe...some places the trigger is very sensitive..one is near the junction of woodsvale condo......il for fun trigger it before turning right into woodlands drive 75 towards the 688b series block......a bright flash of bright light....
  8. hi selling off a suzuki raider 150..thanks guys https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/528446-WTS-Suzuki-raider-150-coe-3jan2027 carousell https://sg.carousell.com/p/helping-my-mum-sell-her-bike-178902485/?ref=search&ref_sort_by=price%2Cdescending&ref_query=suzuki%20raider&ref_cc_id=1998&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fsort_by%3Dprice%252Cdescending%26query%3Dsuzuki%2520raider%26cc_id%3D1998&ref_reqId=FXWeLvRNrXWnqjjCYCRunLuqZ3LZz3wq
  9. SOLD !!!! Suzuki Raider 150 COE 3Jan2027(8 Years plus more to go) coe renewable
  10. if you are borrowing straight from the banks such as the 0% balance transfer with or a personal loan..its considered u loan from the banks and no collateral put up and of coz you can sell off the bike since you paid cash straight to the bike shop n it already settled. On the other hand...some bike shops do offer the so called 0%credit card scheme but have expensive one time processing fee like 15% which is also considered a personal loan to the banks so ul still be able to sell off your bike...this you have to check with the bike shop... I believe as long as you are paying direct to the b
  11. some article for you to read after googling... https://www.johornow.com/english/malaysia-launches-automated-m-bike-system/
  12. https://sg.carousell.com/p/1990-honda-pacific-cost-101791616/?ref=search&ref_cc_id=393&ref_price_end=11000&ref_query=bike&ref_session=eyJhZ2dyZWdhdGVfY291bnQiOjE0ODAsInNlc3Npb25faW5pdF9hdCI6IjIwMTgtMDItMjNUMjM6Mjk6MzkuNjI0MjE4NjU1WiIsInNpZ25hdHVyZV9oYXNoIjoib3UrZGFrZ3JVd0RFZFJQSFBESTk1U1FJNkVvPSIsInNsb3RzIjp7ImRlZmF1bHQiOnsiYXNjZW5kaW5nIjpmYWxzZSwic3RhcnQiOjE0ODB9fX0%3D&ref_sort_by=price%2Cdescending&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fcc_id%3D393%26price_end%3D11000%26query%3Dbike%26session%3DeyJhZ2dyZWdhdGVfY291bnQiOjE0ODAsInNlc3Npb25faW5pdF9hdCI6IjIwMTgtMDItMjNUMj
  13. maybe you can try contacting the following?...around 2 months old ad https://www.gumtree.sg/a-motorcycles-scooters-motorbikes/hougang-punggol-sengkang/2000-honda-pc800-pearl/1002187185590911164385709 Not many pple appreciate these type of bikes nowadays....glad ur looking for one I saw a PC800 hidden in a shop along Lavender Street..at the red light of jalan besar and lavender street......its a motorcycle shop in between Auntie Sticker shop and 219 Motorshop...maybe you can ask the boss if he is selling it? Looking forward to seeing you post your magna 750 when you are ready dude....
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