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  1. Under utilised bike by 1st owner. Even more under-utilised by me the 2nd owner. Bought this a couple of weeks ago and realised I really don't need a bike. Bought on impulse. Only done about 200km under my ownership. Full stock. Comes with rear hump. Parked under shelter everyday. But I decided to put my double digit plate on it which will be lumped into the price. FJ**A. Looks great. Only 10,000km and serviced recently at BMW Motorrad before I took over from my friend. Bike is fully paid. Price is S$28,000. Interested parties WhatsApp 81395153.
  2. Sorry, yes, sold.

  3. Hi, is your bike sold?

  4. xxviix


    My second project in restoring Honda CB. Definitely too much effort and money spent on it. In the end, it is never about profits but just the satisfaction of knowing you gave a machine a new lease in life.
  5. Is it true that Royal Enfield doesn't have any bikes 400cc or below?
  6. Hi All, Anyone know if Yamaha SR400 is available in Singapore? Thanks.
  7. Hi, nice Honda CB200 you got. Please see my PM. Thank you!

  8. You interested in my CB200?

  9. People! Who's bike is this???? I left him a note on his seat strap to sell! So far no answer! Are you here? http://www.flickr.com/photos/xxviix/4169420924/
  10. Still selling! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=257909
  11. Hi All, I am looking for old school zig zag thread tires for my CB175. Can anyone advise where to get them from? Thanks.
  12. Can I check with all you old birds out there.... Where in Singapore is a good riding road? I like Neo Tiew Road. Especially at night. Where do you guys ride just for fun? Thanks.
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