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  1. Hi, recently changed the top gasket seals of my TA200. Needed to do so because outside leaking engine oil, it was a big operation. Then was changing my spark plug some week ago and noticed black oil on the lower part of the old plug. Also noticed my engine oil level still dropping and need monitoring and top up now and then. So guys any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks alot and good day.
  2. Funky

    [DIY] The Clinic

    Yup, mine also 'FW' plate. So looks like need to go moto-tiam liao. Maybe, I also tighten the moto-chain again just to be sure altho i just tighten it not too long ago. Thank for the reply!
  3. Funky

    [DIY] The Clinic

    Need help with a tick tock sound when cold starting my phantom TA200. Don't know if it is my moto chain rubbing against the metal frame. But after running a while the sound will be gone. Thank you.
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