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  1. hi how much for ur leovince pipe? (p/s your private message inbox is full cant pm u)

  2. lol cbr 400 is hot! 4 carb, 4 spark plug but still 1 radiator!
  3. wah the header normally cost how much ?
  4. hmm okay, but sometimes its like very soft one, like chain sound. and whats a hurricane header ?
  5. Ohh, sometimes like gear 1 to 2 will have sound, so its normal ? Oh, and what is hurricane header ? What's a header ?
  6. hey guys, how to make my bike fast, porting and racing carb enough ?
  7. hmm, so knn air filter can improve in performance wise ? Oh and 1 more question, sometimes when I change gear I can hear some chain clucking sound, what's the cause of it ? Does it mean my gear is chui or chain lose ?
  8. Ask you guys ah. Airfilter is it important ? Like stock one will do right ? Then why people get those Knn ones and how about the cdi ?
  9. bro god of war $30 posssible.

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