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  1. It's engine oil cover...do you know where to get....
  2. Hi Ninjas, My friend ZX9 C1 is looking for the engine oil cover for replacement. Is there any lobang or place to get it. Thanks Alex
  3. Thank you for the informations.. Here's mine & check out the Pressroom. Got a demo coming up on Sunday. http://www.ikosingapore.com Osu!
  4. Btw, I was tld that the one motorworld is selling, is not what I posted here..
  5. Issit? Sorry to miss that? Was selling for a friend. Making money out of it is not my intention.....
  6. The one who post the least is the Leader.....sadly I have tired of waiting to meet up. They normally have their meetup somewhere..... U won't see them or they can't see you....
  7. Please take note that this is a billet & not cast.....
  8. Our Superior Leader has change his Kawa 12 to a Busa....I lost all faith liao :cry: Btw, anyone interested to get this billet master pump? $740....
  9. Welcome my friend....05 ZX10R?
  10. Dili Trading, Ubi rd 1, blk 3007....I guess do a search
  11. Check Steering cone loose & fork, go to dili...ask mr Hai
  12. He used to rode a ZX12r...You must be newbie....He has been in this bike community for very long. But to see the 10r at 342 km/h is also possible, only if you got enough money for NOS... for top speed......take a plane...700++km/h Btw J/K
  13. ok maybe late afternoon cos got something on......call you to confirm.
  14. Seems like no one answer to my request..... Sorry now I know that Chicken rice & Bike Mods don't mix together.........
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