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  1. COE TILL Jan 2025, K5 model reg. 2005 Selling with full touring panniers setup. Not dekitting so no separate sales. Accessories: Madstad windshield rack Gear indicator Hel steel hoses Scott oiler Tyre L vlv Cee baileys tall windshield Terry short windshield (spare option) Accessory rack AT handlebar SW MOTECH bashplate Givi crashbar Hepco&Becker panniers Hepco&Becker topcase Regular servicing at 5000km intervals (oil change, spark plugs) Used for daily commute. Reasons for selling: no longer touring, letting go for others to utilise her fully. All servicing do
  2. Hi, like to check if can let go the universal tank bra separately? Thanks

  3. Hi Bro, as a new rider got to get some advice from u..

    as i published in the threat im facing this wobble/ shaky feeling still. can u recommend any plc where i can get this checked frm ? coz seems some mach specialize in balancing and suspensions and some in engine related. so im wondering how to find the root cause for my problem....:cheeky:

    any advice welcome..thnx.:)

  4. TOP UPZ SESSION / SUPPER @ GP/Kulai/Bukit Indah Sat nite 9 jul 11 meeting Venue: JAI Shell AYE Exit 15A Time: 2200hrs 1. Datok (auto-insert) 2. Byma (auto-insert) 3. LawFatt 4. Andrei 5. Huairen ? 6. Bay ? 7. Movera?? Hope see more vara125s for this top up!!!
  5. Join them for the top tmr nite.... I will try rush down tomorrow!!!
  6. LOL....so andrei where u wan go actually....Mersing or melaka....or BOTH?! LOL also can
  7. ur chain new and clean lei, y wan clean? LOL...
  8. hmmmm...not much prob getting any necessary parts unless really BIG PROBLEM i tink...wad is ur doubt about getting the parts??? difficult to get or expensive?
  9. Great top up cum supper session at Bukit Indah Old Town Cafe last nite for everyone. so great with so many bikes!!! just sorry for one of our fren who cant start his bike at the malaysia custom and had to push all the way back to SG. =( thanks the guys who stayed and tried help out. Byma dun worry so much k =)
  10. TOP UPZ SESSION / SUPPER @ GP/check response Sat nite 2 jul 11 meeting Venue: JAI Shell AYE Exit 15A Time: 2200hrs 1. Datok (auto-insert) 2. Byma (auto-insert) 3. LawFatt 4. Fazly 5. Huairen ? 6. Bay ? 7.Andrei
  11. TOP UP SESSION / SUPPER @ GP/ or other suggestions??Kg Glam(SG)?? Sat nite 2 jul 11 check response meeting Venue: JAI Shell AYE Exit 15A Time: 2100hrs 1. Datok (auto-insert) 2. Byma (auto-insert) 3. LawFatt 4. Fazly 5. Huairen ? 6. Bay ?
  12. yes Bay u can read my mind LOL.
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