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  1. Hi fellow ducatisters, putting up my M696 for sale!! spread the word if anyone is interested! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/357008-Red-Ducati-Monster-696-For-Sale.?highlight=
  2. Hello.. My Monster 696 meter shows 12.6v to 12.8v battery when the engine is switched off. Is it in a healthy range? Is it reliable to see battery life based on meter? Raymond from bike harbour told me no way to check the battery life span by voltmeter.. Thanks.
  3. better check ur tire bearings

    mayb worn out

    happen 2me

  4. brader...whr 2get dat cheap headlight

  5. Ianie

    ya bro ur pipe is what ?

  6. Sbd

    hey . eu gt yoshi pipe isit?

  7. wei jie ?xxxxxxxx

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