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  1. Anyone have experience as to whether this affects insurance claim? e.g. in situation of accident
  2. Hi bro,r u still selling ur FZI?

  3. Cars who change lane abruptly when the vehicle in front signals to turn. Cannot slow down a bit or wait for vehicle in front to complete the turn. Nah, they just got to change lane.
  4. YBR, i not that fond of it. the CDC bikes are too badly abused. I remember I open throttle all the way and the bike still struggle to get to 60km/h. haha. sad. But it's a bike that can take a lot of abuse. low petrol consumption. very easy to ride.
  5. Added St Luke's Hospital & Pan Pacific Orchard FREE PARKING (*At your own Risk*) FOC * 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent FOC * 78 Shenton Way (formerly Lippo Centre) FOC * 991 Alexandra Road (scan your IU, no charge) FOC * Acer Building FOC * Alexandra Technopark FOC * Amara Shopping Centre (visitor motorcycle parking area at the end of B3 parking space #301) FOC * Anchorpoint FOC * Balestier Plaza FOC * Balmoral Plaza (squeeze in thru the side and park in basement or behind building, no lots stated) FOC * Beauty World Shopping Centre FOC * Big Splash FOC * Boon Siew Building FOC * Bo
  6. bleh, got something on. gonna have to pass. happy bike washing. i just use some cheapo carwash liquid bought from those ABC bargain stores for $2, and forgot what brand carnuba wax for bike. bought from Giant for abt $10. works fine for me. i think armourall is overpriced. i riding a first hand bike. got to say regular washing and waxing helps keep the bike in tip-top condition. esp for the paint finish and external bits. once i parked beside another bike of same model, similar milage, and number place. the fella's bike looks really old and dull. mine still look new and shiny. a world
  7. he mentioned brakes mah.. was just wondering what bike, and how's the handling.
  8. Yamalube, the $10 EO from Hong Leong. The semi-synth lasted only 2000km on my bike before becoming extremely rough.
  9. Go visit Motorworld, Chong Aik & Chiap Lee to shop. Got this other shop near LAB, forgot the name. Also got boots.
  10. i also remember 10 year old as minimum age. took rtt last year
  11. you won't be moving at high speeds while in circuit, at ubi the speed limit was 30km/h. not really advisable to wear jacket and full face, it'll be too hot and stuffy. really baking in the sun. long sleeves, long pants, proper shoes (riding boots is good), but if not, then covered shoes. you'll be required to wear elbow and knee guards, and gloves. and they don't allow full face or visor down because they want to see your eye, whether got check this and that.
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