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  1. guys, i'm afraid i've got to pull out of this trip as smth work-related came up that weekend. do post up if there's future trips - i'm always game for riding into m'sia in small grps.
  2. yeah nice riding with you too - hope you had fun @ KL too!
  3. Currently those who are going: 1) :-) and pillion (1150RT) - 91082251 2) 2wheels (R1) 3) Dily (B-bone) 4) smoothie (R1) 5) 6)
  4. i vote for quick breakfast in jb
  5. sure, no prob. i'm not sure what bike c4ble is riding, but speed will prob be > 110. what bike are you riding? you can just meet us at spc sengkang at 7am tmr; i'll pm you my contact no
  6. discussed with c4ble today & the 2 of us will be heading to genting on a touch & go day trip this sat, 2 jul. we're meeting at sengkang spc at 7am - look out for my red r1. meet us there if you'd like to join this trip!
  7. hi there, am keen to join you all but prob can only make it for a 2d1n trip & can't meet up tonight. do let us know in this thread how your discussion goes!
  8. i'm in for a day trip! wld suggest a nearer place such as melaka (via coastal route 5) or mersing (via route 3) though, but kuantan's fine with me too
  9. really depends on your budget, but if you're willing to take kaii69's advice and spend more to make your bike safe, i'd recommend k & t cos it's where i go. clifford will assess the bike condition & advise you accordingly. not the cheapest shop ard but in my opinion one of the most honest Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1 #01-372 Tel: 6745 5463
  10. hi there, i guess it depends on your mileage & how the previous owners serviced the bike. i'm replying you cos my 04 r1 is in the workshop now for several things: for a 6-7 yr old bike, there's quite a lot you'd need to replace/service if previous owners haven't done so
  11. i actually drove past this place 2 mths back - it's not very close to kuantan though. if staying over in kuantan i've got an excellent recommendation: blackstone. it's cheap & serves its purpose as simply a bed to sleep. most importantly, your vehicle is parked right outside your room, so less worries abt anything happening to it
  12. ok i spoke to my mech today and was informed my bike will be rdy by next wkend for sure. i've driven to kuantan several times via both route described by the. personally prefer the coastal route 3, but i'm fine either ways. if you're willing to go faster than 120, karak highway is a more fun route, albeit longer route. it will be a hard day's ride though if you go up by karak highway & return via another route. anyone else joining this trip?
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