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  1. 15D/14N Northern Thailand Ride 3rd - 17th January 2018 ** Those interested pls indicate below with your name/nick, bike model n contact number. ** We'll meet up on 2nd weekend of Dec for payment collection and bike inspection. Further detail will discuss during our meeting. Organizers; Simon Soh ST1300 9272 9028 Tinggi aka Jeff GSA KENFOO18 Busa Confirm list; 1. Eien 2. Sng 3. James 1190Adv 4. 5.
  2. Saw the bike in person. It's in great condition. Seller is frank and genuine. Up for you!
  3. Up for the first of June! Thanks to those who have contacted me to enquire on the bike. This is not an urgent sale. It'd be nice if prospective buyers avoid using tactics like telling me I paid too much for the bike, your friends paid less for similar bikes, the bike is not worth this much, or there are other GSLCs being sold for less. How much I paid or your friends paid is irrelevant; only how much you are paying is relevant. If you think the bike is not worth the advertised price, make an honest counter-offer. I dislike haggling, so I will either accept or reject the offer outright. There are indeed other GSLCs on sale, and some are priced lower. But their options, accessories, conditions and mileages are different from mine. You are free to view, compare and buy whichever you like best - that's the beauty of a free market.
  4. Up for this great bike! Don't forget the Autotune, VFRness wiring harness and GIVI quick-release racks for V35 panniers. The seat was totally rebuilt at Eugene Saddlery.
  5. Bump for you, fellow 9Div bro! We chatted during Mob last year, white CBR rider remember? I see you on the street (Novena/Newton area) quite often, but you don't recognize me anymore cos I changed bike. Sad that you're letting go of the bike which you spent so much effort doing up.
  6. Very good price for the mileage and included accessories. Almost makes me feel like I paid too much for my '14 GS. Bump for you!
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