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  1. up for my sale!!! $9,000 FIRM~!
  2. Saturday my HIR blub low beam blow. lucky i just install a LED ring that i can use it at low beam, if not have use High beam all the way at night. anyway is not that bright. ppl otr can see the light but the rider cant see the road with that. LOL got it from my friend. think he still have a few more. anyone interest can PM me.
  3. those two guys who are selling their red nexus at bikemart, funny funny wan. PM them for donkey weeks also no reply wan.. wondering why they wanna post here, where they don even leave their contact number or come in and check often?!?! Hai sian
  4. upz for my post search in Youtube, only got one clip on it. guess still not launch yet. the design everything look almost the same with nexus beside the headlight.
  5. still camping for a nexus 300 for sale Ban Hong Geok Kee Co blk 5038 amk ave ind 2 #01-419 anyway i think it was shifted to Bike Production and was selling at $7.9k and should be already SOLD. [dont know which guy go and buy that bike?]
  6. if i go for my class 2a, i will go for s4. its really diff from 2b bikes. cann say that enter a new world of bikes. ybr250 and class 2b. feeling like no diff, just abit more power. and if u r going for class 2, best class 2a learn s4 as the power and weight will help u thr class 2 just my 2 cents of tips
  7. Dejaxx - u ask for it 1st.. so u can get it.. i just wan to see whether if the riser is able to fit only. if can fit, i will get it from lost4love
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