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  1. The old lady is 10 over yrs old my dear friend. back then the internet hasn't yet so advance so it was either DIY or, send the trusted mech. you can try your luck & inquire with FJT but I reckon chances are slim to nought. another alternative that I thought it may help was the sticky thread here: https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/244355-Phantom-TA200-How-to-DIY-Guide(with-Pics)-Updated!-10-12-14 post #8. not sure if it helps thou. anyway, for future DIY, suggest you take an overall photo before operating. that's what I do. Last but not least, think mo
  2. gosh... so long hvnt post in a while.. almost forgot how to use the forum.. 1) since u mention the ticking sound occurs only when throttling, check yr drivetrain aka chain & sprockets first. if that section is fine, then the only thing possibly causing the sound is the CCT. 2) try adjusting yr clutch cable play first. if that is still the same, clutch plates. worse case scenario would be the shift shaft mechanism (I think). TA200 is rly a relic nowadays, best to get it checked & replace/repair if need be. Cheers! Kev
  3. if any admin & or Snr mods & mods is still here, just to browse or otherwise. appreciate if you're able to banned those spambots & move those threads into trash bin section instead of putting it under moderation. & is there anyway that the forum registration be more robust with a spambot proof identification or something? otherwise logging in to clear pages + of spam threads daily is almost a chore. cheers. Kev
  4. its not normal for a cruising gear if it doesn't cruise. 100km/h with pillion is norm, just that stressing more for a worn & tired engine. frm 1st version to last. shld just get it done & over with. no need think further rather breaking dwn in the middle of nowhere.
  5. my hunch, probably needs an engine overhaul. since u mentioned 10yo bike with 60K mileage. 6th gear could be gone also. unless u wana ride for long, otherwise just ride for experience & then save to upgrade when u can. cheers!
  6. welcome to the 粪功 club..
  7. well, its up to the rider's decision.
  8. 1) I recommend K&N, buy once, use for life... once its dirty(which to me, hardly) just get a recharge kit, wash & recharge the filter & its good to used again! no more replacement of air filters! 2) Chain management, correct me if im wrong, most chains out there are O-rings. Its still up to rider how to tk care of it's lifespan. Maybe can try ezzyoiler, frm @ezzyoiler's thread. DIY is cheaper than the other brandings selling outside. & it works too. 3) as for workmanship, cheap doesnt mean its good, expansive doesnt mean its better either. main thing is that you can t
  9. wah interesting... must fill me in on the details when Kruzers or we meet up... xD
  10. no, thats bcos im just a 路人甲. no one will rmber what Ive done & contributed anyway..
  11. in case you havent know, its just another social websites(i.e. Facebook) from Google, current in trial or beta mode, with selective invited personnels only(first come first serve basis)...
  12. Sorry for my confusion too.. Im on impromptu FNO. unless got chance, otherwise I FIFO(Fast In Fast Out)...
  13. going in @ abt 4.45pm+/-, to 777 for a wash, then GP Shell refill & back SG by 6-7pm-ish.. time for my piggy to hv a bath.
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