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  1. Your mail box is full. I can't reply u.

  2. Your mail box is full. I can't reply u.

  3. Multistrada very very tempting......
  4. My R6 is white and red... very very pro-Singapore.. Wahahahaha...
  5. How come nobody raised this issue during the GE ? Heehee... Maybe MP can help? What is a Ducati without termi?
  6. There is one up for sale! Go grab it before its gone.....
  7. Your monster is a different monster la.
  8. How much you looking at? Sms leh...
  9. Let me know when you wanna catch me, then I will come in a Ducati. The playseat got to wait till my house ready leh....
  10. Welcome bro! Nice to see you here.... hahaha....
  11. Have not ride with you since we are class-ed 2.
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