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  1. there are other effective ways to do that. gaming to me it's for fun factor. to each his own.
  2. dmc4 is nothing like dmc3 with it's brain cracking puzzle solving. no more of that nonsense. Everyone, go get rockband! It is fun and addictive man!
  3. ninja gathering tonight! check out ninja thread. sorry. hijack this abit.
  4. ah fai bought HD?! shiete! what happen to your green?
  5. hey buddy, wanna join kruzer? hehe..
  6. sccccccccccccccreaming eagle.
  7. if i let you, i will complete you as a praying mantis. now would you wanna be a complete praying mantis?
  8. by saying that, i shall be entitled to a trial ride on your harley!
  9. congratulations on your new ride mr. goh!
  10. check it out harley ridas! 2007 ............................. Night Rod! 2007 Updates
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