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  1. Wow... the last time i saw u, u were still a pillion on MJBS bike to the marina barrage. Now, I was shocked to see that you had actually venture into so many unknown territory! Kudos!!!!


    Keep it up.

  2. Sweet video Ian ! The bicycle bell is simply genius haha :lol: !! psst..is it legal to ride on the mount faber bridge
  3. 20k for a 1 year old bike isn't it quite a depreciation for a Ducati or is it normal? Or could it be for the high mileage for a year?
  4. Unless you wrecked the bike and it's in crap condition there's only one way to describe the price they gave you: they want to rob you. I say bypass the shops, and sell it to a direct buyer like it was suggested above. Less headache, more transparency and you stay in control of the selling price.
  5. Sick of it already?? Or already have your eye on another type of 2-wheeled monster ? You know it's gonna be very hard to ride anything else than a Ducati, right ? Let's catch up sometime yeah? I haven't seen you in so long, hope everything is well Whoever ends up with your Duc will be lucky, if all riders took such good care of their bikes as you do yours, second hand bikes would be like riding a new one!
  6. Hi! Any ideawhere can i get a helmet done like that?

  7. Ok thanks a lot revhappy for all the hand holding, it's great to have live advice ! I tightened it a bit more myself just now, cleaned it again and now will see in 30mins how it goes. I don't know about fiding a ring seal or washer, I have seen a Honda tiger in town and a few 150/200cc bikes so I think I could find something that fits. Question is now, should I bother and loose my newly changed oil, or just wait until the next oil change in 1800km and change the seal/washer then ? I am leaning toward the second option, but I don't like knowing something's wrong with the bike
  8. I might be wrong but it really looks like it's coming from the bolt, look: http://tapatalk.com/mu/7d1bfd0f-955a-5287.jpg http://tapatalk.com/mu/7d1bfd0f-9575-f30c.jpg
  9. The oil is leaking from the drain bolt. I need your views please : - is it possible the previous mech tightened the bolt in koh Lanta so much he broke the seal ? - or could it be he didn't tighten it enough ? I could try to open/tighten the bolt but. I don't want to have to change the oil again, it's brand new... And if the bolt is open I suppose there is no way to prevent the oil from flushing out, right?
  10. The oil that leaked since my first post here this morning: http://tapatalk.com/mu/7d1bfd0f-87cc-e810.jpg Gonna wash under the bike now to see where it comes from..
  11. Thanks guys, it's not the chain lube for sure, it's clear engine oil, and since it's new (changed 800km ago) it's clear: there is no mitaking it for the chain oil. I have been riding always below 7k rpm. Except for SG->KL. After that, it rarely even got to 7k rpm! I'll wash it and try to find the leak when I come back to the hotel. I hope it's something that can be fixed. Finding a bike shop here shouldn't be a problem, the real problem is language and more importantly parts and knowledge to fix the pulsar... For those of you who had leaking EO in the past, how did you fix it?
  12. A few more questions please : - what can be the cause - if a part needs to be changed, which one would it be ? - those who had the problem, what fixed it ? - is it wise to ride with this issue if say I can't find the origin of the problem? I can take the bike to a shop and find someone to help translate but I'm certain they won't know how to go about it or where to look...
  13. Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. My bike is leaking oil. Spotted it this morning when I came down to check on her. I don't think it was there yesterday when I checked on the bike but now I'm not sure. It's not much, but not a few drops neither. I changed the oil last Wednesday, and put my usual mobil fs1 I had brought with me. Made sure the mechanic only topped up 1.2L. But didn't watch when he closed the oil screw after draining the old oil. I asked him he said he tightened it and maybe it was too tight? Or not enough? I haven't checked anything, just put some newspap
  14. Hi Friends, Sorry for not updating you guys sooner. Everything is fine, we are well. We are now near Phan Nga , 94km away from our stop for the day. We are loving every minute of it, and thank god so far we only ha minor falls due to the weight of the bike. Although near Georgetown a sudden jam braking of the car in front o me lea me to bump the bike into it and with the force of the push, Pillionette's thumb got stuck between the two of us and it dislocated. The nurses at the Butterworth hospital put it back and the radios didn't show any broken bones. This was last Friday, she is no
  15. Dear friends, I have started my trip on Thursday and We are now in Georgetown, Penang, having late lunch in Little India. I just found some wifi so I'm writing to let you know we took off. More info on what happened since our departure with lots of photos are coming soon.
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