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  1. yupz... still available...:shades:

  2. Bro X1 coi? interested. want to trade i riding tw also need to coi . if interested pls pm me. thank you.

  3. what items u looking for.

  4. u have x1 for coi?

  5. wat items you selling?

  6. interested in any x1 items?

  7. selling away x1 items leh, interested?

  8. sorry for the late reply. yes still available.

    anything pm me. and it neg for u.

  9. my body kits i get it all from jb.. service my bike at ubi planet.

  10. bro.. don mind asking u.. wher do u noramlly service ur x1?

    i used to ride a tw200, wher do u find body kits.. i've been trying very hard to find it..

    reason , bcoz JB is too dangerous..

  11. Bro, u can bring in yamaha x1 items ant.. seems to me u always go JB ??

  12. bro. ur moulded headlight cover for x1 stil up for grabs.. any pics? interested.

  13. bro. is ur seat at $25 still up for grabs?

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