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  1. Thanks. Returning to biking this month after out for 7 years making babies and supporting a car. but as kids are getting older, it is time to say goodbye to car too. A lot has changed after 7 years out of SBF. Seems like SW thread is not as lively as before. Or a lot of members are migrating to FB groups ? I also forgotten that I was once a contributor in the SW tech corner. Looks like I have to repick up the technical know how again. Pricing wise for a new SW and topbox is a shocking to me too. My last SW purchase OTR is only $12K. Now I can never get this price with new ARF and COE. I also found GIVI topbox is now very expensive Very shock to know the pricing for E55 and V56 but manage to find a decent and reasonable priced topbox (Kappa K53), which I will be installing for my new SW.
  2. Thanks. I found and purchase the last SW in Singapore, which is at Ban Hon Brothers after asking closed to 10 shops. The dual overhead cam engine fromSW can never be replicated. Which is why i still stick to SW.
  3. Hi, Do your Toh Guan branch has topbox display? I am looking for either Kappa or Givi, > 50 litres range. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Is it true the SW is totally ceased production or Honda may be planning a face-lift SW in the coming months or years ? Is there any news on this ? Thanks.
  5. Revised in price to align with current motorcycle COE trend. Changes in green. Attached a video to show the motorcycle condition. Looking for sincere buyers. [video=youtube;C7ElKAIO-xU] DOR: 12 Feb 2015 COE end: 11 Feb 2025 Road tax: till 11 Aug 17 Selling Price: $25,000 (Neg) Mileage: 29,000 HP: 98793505 (Whatsapp preferred)
  6. Hi all, Letting go my two year old ST1300. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/518004-Honda-ST1300-for-sale Please contact me at 98793505 for viewing and appointment. Thanks.
  7. Beautiful 2-year old red Honda ST1300 for sale. Zero accident, fully paid and well maintained with servicing history. Viewing at Bukit Batok street 24. Please whatsapp me at 98793505 for viewing and appointment. Details: DOR: 12 Feb 2015 COE end: 11 Feb 2025 Road tax: till 11 Aug 17 Selling Price: $26,000 Mileage: 28100 Accessories: Top box 48 litres, handphone holder Others: Bike fully paid. Please arrange your loan if you are interested. Buyer to pay transfer cost.
  8. Part 2, continue


    3) The other ARF tier of 50% for motocycle with open market value above 5,000 and ARF of 100% for those above 10,000 in my view is to discourage potential new riders and to increase public transport usage. They also attempt to penalize existing car drivers who also has motorcycle license and wants to return to riding because of higher car COE. Higher CC motorcycle also has lower fuel economy and pollutes the environment, and is designed to discouraged new riders to go for less fuel efficient motorcycle too. E.g Honda ST1300 is 14.5 km/litre vs Honda vezel Hybrid (Car) 19 km/litre.


    4) Overall I am not impacted from their policy. In fact I don't think I will not changed bike, and will continue to re validate ST1300 COE for years to come.


  9. Hi Greenzaa,


    Sorry for late response as I seldom check my mailbox


    1) On your question on what have I benefited from buying eariler before the budget was announced. It will be $5k more for buying a big cc Honda ST1300 as compared to before the budget was announced. Even for used bike, the resale price will most likely gone up a little since the price of new bikes have gone up, the sellers will used the new bike price as benchmark.


    2) My view of this policy for retaining ARF of 15% for motorcycle OMV $5000 or less is that the government wants to protect the small bike users such as dispatch riders, delivery man etc. These workers will have difficulties financing the bikes if the COE or ARF increases. If they are out of jobs because of expensive motorcycle, they might resort to crimes. Therefore this policy, coupled with removing xx% of deregistered bike's COE to be placed in open category serves this purpose.


    As my message is too long, I will send u a part 2

  10. Hi Patriot


    I am a student and as part of my assignment I have to gather responses from bikers about the new law that they government put in place regarding introduction of ARF in motocycle purchase. As I have read your post previously about you having benefited from buying your motorbike before the budget 2017 was announced. Could you elaborate more on what exactly did you benefit from buying them earlier. Also, what do you think of this new policy if put in place how would it impact fellow riders who wants to buy a new motorbike in the future? The increase the ARF from 50% across the board to 50% for motocycle with open market value above 5,000 and ARf of 100% for those above 10,000. Also, please detailed how you see yourself better off or worse off from this policy. Thank you for your help. cheers and Thank you very much.



  11. Nice.. Just learn the silverwing was discontinued. I will probably get a new ride, the 2017 burgman 650 next year.
  12. Wow. Thanks for the info.. I guess the gear based scooter should be quite rugged and maybe noisier.
  13. Hi all, I am a old bird of SBF. I used to ride Honda silverwing till 2010 before I sold it for a car because of my pregnant wife. With the crazy COE price for cars, and two kids getting older, it is probably time to give up driving next year and support Uber or Grab ba. Now I am considering two options, either to return to my Honda Silverwing 400cc or consider Suzuki 650cc burgman. May you advise me on: a) The current price range for a new burgman 650cc ? Which bikeshop that you guys commonly patronized ? Guan Hoe ? b) Any costly repair encountered so far apart from the normal oil and tyre change. For SW, the common problem I know is the magnetic coil, which fails around 2 years and is costly to repair. c) What is mileage limit for CVT belt change for burgman ? For SW, although the spec is 40,000 km. I actually run until 50,000 km without issue. Although some SW rider can go until 60,000km Cheers.
  14. Bike is sold.. Thanks for your support
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