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  1. May i ask if i buy a 2nd hand bike at your side using my credit card, will there be any other charges ?

  2. Hi, I would like to check if you do buy-in Oct 2010 HD Dyna Streetbob? Thanks.

  3. Hi,

    Im interested to get the new Jupiter MX.


    Can quote me otr price? Im 21years old and would like to get 3rd party insurance for the bike.



  4. how much is it for hel brake line for r15 including all charges ?

  5. Hi, I am 20yrs old currently wrking and I am looking for a reloan. Am I able to get a reloan or I must have guarantors, if yes, how many above 21yrs old guarantors do I need? Do u charge for early settlement payment?

  6. Hi. Can you quote the price of first hand Yamaha FZ1-S OTR? 26 yrs old, 7 years of riding. Thanks.

  7. Hye...!! Do you bring in GPR slip-ons for blackbird..? If yes, how much..?

  8. Hi would like to enquire on two bikes. Wave and spark. First hand.

    How much is...

    1) machine price plus coe?

    2) insurance for 24yrs old 3yrs riding

    3) interest per year..?

    4) other fees such as iu unit, agreement fee n etc..

    5) minimum downpayment..?


    Pls pm me on those two bikes.. Thks...

  9. Hi, I see from your website that you have the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

    Do you have the 2010 model??

    And also I would want to enquire about the price of the bike on the road?

    Roughly how much would a 21 year old with 2 yrs of experience riding of insurance cost?

    This is an enquiry from a friend of mine who is interested in this bike.

    Hope the info given from you helps.


  10. Hi im interested in yr mv f4. Wats yr selling price?

  11. Yes we have full system for your bike offer st $599.00 Tks, BRO.

  12. hi boss did u hv any gpr exhaust pipe full system for gilera'04 vxr 200 if secondhand oso can & can i'm paid by installment for 1 year plan for new exhaust if can pls pm mi with prize thanks?

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