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  1. Thanks Alvin and O'ren for the advise! Read the thread yest already and if i'm not wrong, some of those more recent posts were from the GoPro 960? I'm looking more towards the GoPro Hero Hd that supports 1080p. Checked with Amazon on some of the deals they have, not too bad, quite reasonable pricing. But O'ren, Would you have any idea how much the Vpost would cost to ship the item over? I asked Amazon for the dimensions of the packaging but they were not able to provide me with any figures. So I can't really use the the Vpost Calculator to do a rough sum of the cost of shipping it here.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just decided to jump on the bandwagon for filming rides! Too many close calls, think its time to get some evidence down in case of any accidents in the future. I'm currently looking at the GoPro Helmet Hero camera. Any reviews on that particular camera? Would anyone have any suggestions on where I can get the GoPro Helmet Hero Camera pacakge? Seen a few on ebay and locally seems that only outdoor and travel Sg has it, and so does Chiff Camera, but both retailing it for about $460-$490 SGD. Would definitely appreciate any advise/ help that i can get! Wouldn't mind a
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