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  1. Dont waste your time... just accept the fact that 8k coe is here to stay.. you will be happier...lol
  2. Dont bother fighting bro. Use the time to earn more money to buy that 8k coe better..wont win..
  3. But what about the new ARF tax? Does it affect bikes like S4? Even at 25k..its double of the price way back during version S time. I bought my brand new ST1100 last time for 24k only. Haha..now bike price is crazy..lucky i held on to my fjr now..
  4. Reading this in 2017 April. COE is 8k already. Haha..
  5. I have bikes but seldom ride and dont know the market situation for bikes. Today was servicing my bike at workshop and the boss told me a brand new super 4 is 30k??? My first reaction was..bo ko leng leh! Last time my time S4 only 12.5k otr.. Is it true? S4 is 30k now?
  6. Hi bro.. not selling your roadking yet?

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