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  1. HI, phantom knights I am looking for a Model: Honda TA200 Colour: No Preference Budget: $1000-2000 Payment: Full Cash Transfer Fee: I Pay COE expiry date: 2-3 Years left (fw-fx plates) Contact me @ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645586258
  2. is anyone on the forum riding a ducati 400SS?
  3. anyone know which shop does a good job? and whats the pricing like? looking to repack an aftermarket exhaust...
  4. im looking for good quality tapes that i can wrap my wires. prefer it to be heat resistant as the wires are pretty near my radiator/engine which is pretty damned hot. anyone know where to get them? brand/price?
  5. eh you know my younger brother ah, the green kawa
  6. hi monster owners! just want to check, whats the stock colour for the frame? the nice trademark metal bars at the side? i've did some googling but i see black, gold and red.
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