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  1. Project Big 1 ========== 1. potekz 2. ProjectWhite 3. mamat 4. wilson66 5. k.yutaka 6. cooljam 7. four 8. robbie 9. armani717 - AMK Version - R ======== 1. Speedjpop 2. [W]haT 3. stanboy --->ridin liaoz!!! 4. Eizz Version - S ======== 1. Steed_VSE 2. Lo||yPoP 3. Hachi--Bedok North St2 4. Sev -- Bedok North Ave 4 (Weekday), Yishun Ave 2 (Weekend) 5. Jade 6. Kenny (97458360) 7. Edwintek 8. AHHENG 9. BD 10. Stan 11. Marvypower 12. Marker--AMK 13. MrBean78 (MrBean) 14. Betaholic 15. Waterboy 16. RedHondaVtec 17. HondaSF (WL) 18. BLuE_SpEe 19. Tai 20. Bo
  2. think PGM machine price more costly compared to a RVF seh. if i have to choose between the 2, i take the RVF just cos its V4 i think bro, you consider your willingness to do additional spending. if you are willing to go that extra effort then ok ah. at least that factor will mitigate the risk of having a problematic bike. make a list of pros and cons between the spec 2 and rvf and let that help you decide. you need to be clear on your main objective of the bike though. do you want it to be practical or you just want something sexy etc
  3. Well said. Pocket very impt. lol
  4. Wiring issues if you lose your key if im not wrong. And yeah some ppl relate vtec with fc but this is debatable lol Either way I believe in general the ver s, spec 1,2,3 etc should be able to hit 300km on full tank. Also yes some super 4 and rvf about same age but parts for super 4 easy to get seh. Think to me thats the winning factor. I recently gotten my ver s and I realize not worth splurging on class 2a.
  5. ah! i was just wondering if flushing going to take me a day or so for the shop to do it. cos i dont mind waiting for a few hours to get it fix can still go to work later and tmr. ok man 900 bucks is alot for a 2nd hand block. will definitely go soon once i have my breakfast
  6. HONDA RVF 400 1) Is this bike good and powerful? Pretty much. V4 and RVF stands for Runs Very Fast lol 2) Full tank patrol roughly how much? Not sure cos dont know anybody who owns them personally 3) Normal engine oil and spark plug change servicing how much? Not sure cos dont know anybody who owns them personally 4) Hows the maintenance? (Heard rumors that RVF is problematic bike) Bad compared to a S4. Parts are harder to get and its much older compared to your Spec 2. 99% of the time, the bike you can buy are most likely has been track abused. 5) Can this bike travel all
  7. so far i dont notice any leak. but tmr morning will look at that area again just to be sure how often do should i check the coolant level and figure out that the system needs flushing?
  8. CBR400 is old though and isnt as maintenance friendly as a super 4. the new cbr250 is a good bike for commuting cos good mileage and looks big enough not to feel flimsy. if i had to choose between this and the ninja 250 and i have deeper pockets, i take this one as it has ABS version only issue is, some ppl dont have deeper pockets (like me) paying 10K for a class2A 250cc bike doesnt seem too rationale. also i think the ninja 250r 2011 should be about the same price too.
  9. my ver s after approx 15mins of normal riding will have its engine temp light on. funny thing is if i clutch in or keep below 3K rpm, light turn off. when i was at my carpark, i changed to neutral and rev above 7K and let it drop and true enough the light turns on and off immediately. my friend said most likely not enough coolant. which i checked later on and found out it seems on a pretty low level. going to the workshop to get it fix since my still under warranty tmr. Question is: most likely this issue will be solved after i top up coolant right? something of a quick fix? cos i need the
  10. As phoon brought in already. 10k pricing with no ABS. Looks big for a 250cc
  11. Eh my rear shock seems like gozit or something lol how? Btw stupid qn: ver s reserve tank switch. The "full" should be at the top or bottom to close the reserve? Just got mine today everything seem fine but only tmr can put it on actual road condition. Hehehe
  12. side bag/box for a s4 is nice if only the bike has fairings. IMO
  13. 3 wheel bikes, think easier to find online through sgbikemart and such. but wont be cheap. piaggio mp3 125cc, 250cc, 500cc are the more mainstream 3 wheel bike. though from reviews, people say 3 wheels bike are front heavy and harder to steer to some extend and also get hot easily.
  14. unfortunately circuit training will never come to a point where air will circulate through the mesh of jackets LOL though i suppose mesh jackets wont be too bad as long as you get something brightly coloured.
  15. how bout a fan built to your radiator to force air through the radiator at all times?
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