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  1. hi, how much is the ebc hh brake pad for cbr600?

  2. hmm..why dont you go back to the shop that u buy ur pipe and ask how to take out the silencer.. btw how much u bought it?
  3. long distance meaning travelling on expressway with constant speed without stressing the engine..
  4. afternoon to all bro.. i would like to change my rear spocket to a lesser teeth so that so i can travel long distance.. so how many teeth for the spocket i should get? and also do i need to change the front spocket too?i using the stock spockers.. thx..
  5. Hi sorry not giving away for 2A bike just selling alr since I got a 2A bike alr :) thanks!

  6. hey bro,


    i just read ur threat regarding ur pick up, i also the same..like no power, and the feeling is suck, not smooth and need to trottle more causing the fuel to burn more right? if yes, is ur bike now normal?

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