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  1. For my bro Jamez sake, if i ever make my way to full moon, i will only drink sprite and eat twisties, nothing else
  2. Thats right Norris, the question is not where am I but where are u?
  3. Great company, great time, great ride guys! Here's to renggit and full moon next woohoo!
  4. Wah Yohji, my very first HD fren. I on very siong course ley. Every minute not sleeping is reading. I think i can start to join you guys come June. We plan Desaru trip woohoo!! Wait for me with your iron, don't sell it! haha. See you guys then. Cheers.
  5. Here's wishing that we ride with the same passion but not for the same reason...
  6. Actually you should be asking wat's flipped down mirrors. Flip up mirrors are where all mirrors normally are, above the grips. Flipped down is simply screwing the mirrors so that they are below the grips, like the current 48s.
  7. Aye you guys missed out another illegal accessory - the rider. The LTA fella look at his pic, its a pic of a stand alone bike. Then he look at your bike and he compare with his pic, "aye brudder, tak sama la, why eh? Oh got rider, eh the rider is illegal accessory la, my pic dun have rider!" So the ONLY legal harley is a remote controlled totally stock harley. You guys mark my words...
  8. I like to eat duck feet but not any more
  9. Who say? Let's go dude! No worries for PBS la, he got a scoot and a farking thousand and one chicks on his fb!
  10. Woohoo! Time to bring out the lion and dragon!
  11. No worries bro. Wah the problem sounds serious, good thing you got it checked out. Let's ride soon!
  12. I just saw a MacDonald's delivery guy riding a bike with a Malaysian plate! He had the delivery backpack on. It was in bedok so i'm sure he did not make a wrong turn while delivering Macs in JB.
  13. I'm very touch, you know my heart *sniff sniff*
  14. Would love to go and it is such a clear nite somemore, been wanting to wash my bike there but unfortunately can't make it tonite. About to leave for wedding dinner. Gonna find time one of these weekday to take leave and go to handlebar to wash bike. An afternoon beer while bike being washed...heaven. Although i'm no authority AT ALL, I'll stick my head out to say that powder coating the pipes black is not illegal. If LTA fine you, I'll be at handlebar having an afternoon beer . It's like saying that if i airbrush a picture of my wife on my tank, it's illegal mod. It's just a matter of chan
  15. Jamez, that sounds like an apt description of us haha. Hi Justin, yes it was nice meeting you. Good to have someone to chat with while waiting out the rain. Yes, my two kakis, in colloquial term - 'let go airplane on me' . Maybe you can bring us around JB for kopi one of these days Nice ride you've got and i agree with you, you might want to change out your pipes for the time being. Hope to meet with you soon and I trust Jamez will give us a call when the time is right. Cheers!
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