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  1. 11k fast deal can slight nego. Urgent sale because insurance and road tax ending early sep.
  2. COE Expiry Date 18 Sep 2024 Fully stock, no mod done. Come's with 52L box and brand new rack installed. Mirror changed to stock big rectangle ones. Zero accident, view to believe. Parallel import in the past, there's gear indicator. Reason for selling is getting a new car instead. P.S/ I will be retaining my plate number, so LTA will randomly generate a plate number for you. FAST DEAL CAN NEGO. Willing to throw in Grex 9.1 flip face if fast deal. Seldom ride in rain and always got canvas cover during parked. Whatsapp 9877seven2seven2
  3. Since no one reply, just to let those who kena as well, i kena 4pts for not forming up correctly only. no red light offence.
  4. I went google map and saw it, it means left green arrow will light up when horizontal lanes are turning into your vertical lanes. (when horizontal traffic lights turn red with green arrow), normally will have green arrow is because the horizontal lane they are unable to uturn from their lanes thus making you vertical lane turning left safe.
  5. Hi, Red light ahead with green arrow, I was on the third lane (middle, 2 turn right lanes), in the midst of turning right I saw flash from my mirror. Just want to check it's possible to kena 2 offence? Or in my case just forming up incorrectly because afterall I'm turning right. Thanks for responses ahead.
  6. Might be interested pm ur price for ur plate

  7. Hi. I saw your post on the cbr. Is it still available?

  8. im fine, sorry for the super duper late reply.. wasn't online for quite some times.

  9. hi , heard u got skid . are u ok ??? i'm andy here .... hope i can help u , anything give me a call @ 83093166 thks :-)

  10. i doubt so, they promo change rear tyre give one 4t, but i think super lousy one didn't take.
  11. i changed mine at $90, bridgestone.. but i think can get cheaper one, dunilop brand loh.. i think dunno got battlax anot.
  12. just got my bike slightly more than one month, hahas must learn to diy and not depend solely on mechs..
  13. it's the same as road revision, just that they put the name re-training so that it seems more important/compulsory, and indeed is compulsory. dont have to book yourself, they will help you book if you fail tp. as i said better pass in one shot..
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