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  1. Hi guys, I just came after 3 weeks overseas and when I tried to start my Burgman, the key light just key blinking rapidly when I tried to start it. There was no cranking sound. I've experienced bikes that refused to start due to weak battery but this time it didn't even bother to try to start. All I could see was red key light blinking and clicking. Anyone had the same experience? Could it be the Suzuki key immobiliser?
  2. i know this is a crazy request but if anyone goes to a magazine store in malaysia this week and next. please help me look out for the April 2011 issue of August Man! Please help me purchase it when you see it, I've been trying to find it but its hard to find previous issues. The magazine hasn't replied to my cousin who is looking for it.
  3. 400+? i got my pair at $400+, it shouldn't be $400+ for one
  4. Local Meetup.... Date : 23 July 2011 @ 2000hrs Location : Anybody can suggest?? 1) Africakali 2) kopiosatu seletar? the place with the spicy chicken wings.
  5. the last meetup was damn long ago man
  6. october looks clear, please tell me the dates if there is any!
  7. i reservist during national day. sian. i'm only free after 11 august.
  8. what happened to the ratchaphrapa dam trip?
  9. sian. ok lah, looking on the bright side... my bagster is black, so i will get a black tank bra for it my whole touring suit is black... i'll just be masked rider black.
  10. i would prefer silver but i went to check online and all i got for FJR1300 (not FJR1300A) were the 2 colours above yours is full silver? my latest news is that for 2011 only has 2 colours, silver / black. so i have no idea if the silver is the ugly one or the full silver one. i assume that its the ugly silver so i went for black. if the silver they are referring to is the full silver, i will bang wall.
  11. black ordered. waiting for new shipment to arrive next week. happiness~ finally i get to ride a FJR again~!!
  12. duplicate post again. and i clicked once only :S
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