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  1. Local telco set Gold 16GB Comes with full box Finger print sensor working Hardly any scratches No dent Screen protector + spigen case Selling for $350 nego I re-contracted and got a new phone. Please pm me to deal
  2. Original reg date: 4th Feb 2013 Coe: 3rd Feb 2023 Road tax: August 2017 Selling price: $6500 cash I am the 3rd owner. Current mileage 16000+/- Full servicing every 10000km back at May 2016. I only rode 6000km for the past year, transport to and from work only. All stock except change rear adjustable shock (better), no accident before, no drop, Pear white color, very clean looking as I take great care of my bike. Regular servicing every 2000km. Mileage 40-44 per liter, depends on how you ride it. Bike is fully paid, only accept full cash. Comes with box, water bottle holder, U c
  3. wtf man went to view the bike i wanted to buy, in the end kena put airplane by this guy call Naz 94892825, forum nick cilipadi (the guy above me^)
  4. Hi all, looking for m400. do contact me if your selling one. pm me
  5. jayz


  6. hey bro!i would suggest u getting a size us 6, as of this is a flexible shoes, so after some time wearing it, it will expand, at ima us 8.5, i took size us 8, ani enquires, do ctc me at 91383150/85330521, cheers (:

  7. send me 1 too. [email protected] if dont have/cannot then nevermind.
  8. change the coolant cap? or radiator cap? not sure what is it called. its the cap where you top up coolant. must take out the tank then can see. similar problem as you. after changing ok liao. hope this helps
  9. so to reset time = hold both button reset trip meter = hold left button; do i have to be at the trip meter 1 screen and hold on the button to reset ?
  10. hi all, just want to inform you guys this thing. Last monday i called ntuc for a quotation on the bike. the lady told me it was $480+ for me, then she asked if i wanted to take up this policy and i rejected it cos i will need to go down myself anyway. so i went down today and they told me the insurance will cost me $680 ($200 more). i asked her why and she said because they recently just updated dunno what insurance policy thingy. so the insurance pricing is changed (sadly it became higher). i was stunned for a moment there and i told her that i got a quote on monday with a different price.
  11. hi there, i just got my s4 spec 1 today. and was wondering how do you reset the trip meter 1 and 2 to zero? i only know by pressing the right button will show you the trip meter thats all. i know i am posting in the wrong thread but since this thread is very active i might as well ask you guys. i'm very grateful for your answer to my question. thanks alot! ^^ *still have lots to learn about the powerful S4 as i'm a new 2A rider*
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