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  1. Hi, I am selling Yamaha Tmax SX 530 bought on 22 June 2017. Condition is good. Current mileage 18000km. Want to sell off due to family commitment. My bike is silver color with blue wheels. Please text me at 9one51151five. Thank you.
  2. Can I get from you then?
  3. Hi, anyone wants to buy accessories for Yamaha tmax SX & DX? I thought of buying and see if anyone wants to share the shipping cost? The URL is http://www.speedmax.biz/en/173-tmax-dx-sx-2017
  4. I have the same problem. I just got my tmax SX today. Need to open compartment then easier to scan IU unit.
  5. Hi,


    I am interested to buy 2016 Honda NC750S in full cash? Please advise the full prIce with everything on the road including GST and excluding insurance. Any freebies?


    CK -91511515.

  6. Hi, may I know if you are still riding Xevo 400? If so, may I know if there are any problem with this bike? I am interested to get a scooter. Thought of getting a MP3 but heard that there are a lot of problems with that. Then i saw this XEVO 400, this is a cool bike.


    Hope to hear from you soon!

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