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  1. Letting go my XJR400. Already found a XJR1300. Contact me if any interest.
  2. Oh. Is it because of the brand of bike? This bike is under 5 yrs old though?

  3. Bro, we do not reloan for this. Thanks.

  4. Looking to takeover friend 4 yr old husqvarna 510 and need a loan of $5k. What's the monthly repayment and fees.

  5. Reborn Rider - Its been 15 years I last ride a motorcycle, I miss riding.....

  6. Lance Ngo

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  7. Good day, i would like to start a new thread to sell some items. do let me know

  8. bro, how much you pay for your xjr400, i am looking around for one also leh

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