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  1. Interested buyer here. Can arrange for viewing?

  2. i got tail moulded r1 03 for tzm..

    condition 6\10..

    paintwerk chip off here n ther..

    from far still cn cover up but on closer inspection looks bad..

    pm me ur price,,btw tail base is black\white...

  3. ok bro,betol aper yang kau dgr,jgn beli kat m1 atau heng coz my thers been a few incidents alreadi,pls dun by there lagi2 m1 motoring..the best is you source out ur cash first,ngok kat forum,beli dari budak2 forum ne and find ur own finance kat kedai motor


    sal rs125 lak,kalau kau nk gak,beli 07 model ke atas sal,less problematic but tell you first since it a high rev bike itz definately a high maintainence bike,kalau kau tanya aku rs125 for your first bike isnt worth it coz it gonna cost you like $10000 plus insurance,road tax for a 2nd hand nyer,go for tzm or sp bro,kalau sal sp aku tk tahu sgt la,but kalau tzm kau le tanya aku lebih sal aku bwk tzm gak,hell i cn even teman you to source for tzm

    lebih lanjut cn call me 91277487

  4. hi bro, i planning to buy an rs125, but aku ade bodoh sikit ah part motor. Since i saw you said you test ride this bike already.. i wanna ask you whats the difference between the 06,07,08,09 model? pasal in terms of outlook, all look the same je? cuma lain paintwork.


    And any recommendations nak beli pat kedai mana? I went to M1 and Heng to check out tapi da dua tiga orang kasi warning jangan beli kat sana

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