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  1. hey mate, sorry just saw this posting.

    im not the 1 who do the convertion.

    to do the job u need to look for stanley, the famous meter repair guy.

    But b4 that u might ask ur fren look for HL, i heard they hv the solution now. cheers!

  2. Hi mutant_sheep, knew that you can convert the digitor meter from miles to kms, can you help a friend of mine who recently bought the 08 model? mine is the 06 model, so dun have the problem. Thanks!

  3. that is not "muscleman's" bike. that is cosmic00, now he is happily riding his KLE500 & driving his WRX. wondering he MIA 4 so long liao, how is he? oh ya, his cosmic00 junior should be here liao ba..
  4. nakano might looking 4 that.. anyway mine also looking to sell. asking for 14.5K, slightly negotiable. Plate number not inclusive.
  5. imo, the FI mapping wont be optimize without jetting or dynojet. Some may say there is mapping from others bike can be use, but i think every bike is diff even is same batch. a very good example is the CO setting on our FJR, i seen on a few diff FJR, they are diff.
  6. PC is power commander. is a device to so called overwrite ur original ECU fuel injection mapping, make sure u find a good place & good mech to tune it up. the effect can be facsinating. currently in Singapore only a few shops are carry this product. & after fix up u need to send ur bike 4 dynorun or dynojet, currently in Singapore only 2 shops hv this machine. Unity motor @ bukit merah & Pleasure motor @ ubi.
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